Laura’s Rebecca Dress

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Today’s Rebecca Dress post is from Laura of Quokka Quilts. I was lucky enough to be asked to particpate in her Travellin’ Pic-Stitch Blog Hop. Laura is from Australia, and after Sewing Summit in October, she spent 3 weeks travelling the United States before heading back home, and this hop was inspired by documenting her adventures!

Sara at Sew Sweetness is a terrible influence. I have to tell you right now: she’s a dress-enabler. After they typewriter dress and the snazzy little number she pulled out at Sewing Summit, she has established herself as THE person to talk to if you’re vaguely considering making a dress. It was a very vague thought, and I just kinda mentioned it while chatting to Sara at Sewing Summit, but she got so excited I was convinced I was going to make THE BEST DRESS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN before the conversation was over. It was kinda like when you have three or four shots of tequila and then become totally convinced that you are Karaoke Queen of the World AND you can totally beat those guys over there on the pool table. The ones pocketing every ball. Sara – quite simply – is sewing-tequila. If you don’t want to get drunk, stay away from her blog. You have been warned. The feeling does wear off, and since Sewing Summit, the Saraholic fuzz had worn off and I was once again soberly certain that dress making and I had done our dash. (I used to make a few things in highschool, but haven’t done much garment sewing since). Then I dropped by Sara’s blog and saw this.

Sew Sweetness
48 hours later. I had a new dress.  As I said, sewing-tequila. My name is Laura and I’m a sewaholic.

That is me in the left hand photo and my much shorter twin on the right. She also has a bigger butt than me. (Ok, ok, I still have a lot to learn about photoshop.) The fabric is Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski/Lilla Rogers Studio for P&B textiles. I love red, blue and poppies, so I had to have it. It has been sitting in my stash waiting for the right project. My first thought after downloading the Rebecca pattern from the SisBoom website was ARGGHGH. There are 417 pages! Rest easy, there’s a lovely little guide which tells you which pages to print for which size. And there’s a brilliant section called ‘Frankenpatterning’ – how to put different bits together, like Frankenstein. If you don’t fit into the one size category, there’s an explanation of how to modify the pattern to accommodate the different sizes that make up your shape. For example, I measured at a just under size 10 top and size 12 bottom. I absolutely hate the idea of mocking up a pattern in calico. 1) I’m far too impatient. 2) it’s a waste of good calico. 3) if I completely screw up, I was probably going to use my good fabric in little bits for patchwork anyway, so not much to lose by going for it in good fabric. I am not always good at following instructions (see item 1 above) but these are GOOD instructions. And I was good for once. Although I measured, I did have to do further modifications because my back scoops in at the waist more than normal so I’m more of a 10-8-12 according to this pattern. Luckily my neighbour was around to do some pinning for me. The design modification I decided to make was adding a border of red at the bottom about 4″ wide and doing some decorative top-stitching.

I also modified the bottom back slightly so that I have an overlapping slit at the base. It give me a little more room to move while retaining my modesty!

The instructions for inserting zips are great too, but I still need practice. Darn it, I’m going to have to make another one!

It’s not quite a wrinkled as it looks here. I did have to wear it to work today as I COULDN’T WAIT TO SHOW IT OFF!!! The only thing I’m not happy about is the waist. But that is nothing that a few weeks of dieting and gym won’t fix. Which is plenty of time to make another Rebecca dress! Can I do it by 20 December, which is when the linky party is? Make the dress that is… dieting may have to wait until after Christmas!

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