GIVEAWAY and Tutorial: Hot Mess Casserole Carrier

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #195 Carolyn.

Today, I’m really excited to share my tutorial for the ‘Hot Mess Casserole Carrier’! It was part of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ series on the Free Spirit blog. Jump over to the Free Spirit blog to get the tutorial! You can also download it via a pdf file here.

This free pattern is to make a structured zippered bag that will hold a 13″ x 9″ baking dish. The bag is also made with Pellon Insul-Fleece, so it is insulated to keep your baked goods nice and hot during travel! I have some great ceramic 13″ x 9″ baking dishes, and this definitely fits the bill!

Also, Free Spirit has generously provided a Tula Pink ‘Salt Water’ jelly roll to give away to one of my lucky readers! ‘Salt Water’ is due out in shops next month, and you can pre-order it here (among other places)!! The jelly roll contains 30 strips, and is perfect for your next project!

You have until Friday, November 30th at 7pm CT to enter!

23 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY and Tutorial: Hot Mess Casserole Carrier

  1. I was on idontdodishes first thing on Friday and pre-ordered the coral colorway. Can’t wait until it comes out. I just love the color. And where did I get the idea for ordering Salt Water. From the Fabric Enabler of course.

  2. Could you please clarify some of the instructions.
    On step 2 it says ” Take yoru Exterior Zipper Panel and draw a horizonal line that is down 1″ from one long edge. Cut alon this line. Repeat for the Lining Zipper Panel. on step 3 it say ins part ” Place the larger piece of the Exterior Zipper Panel right sided up with the long edge horizonally. (the rest of the instructions I understand}
    My first question is why do you instruct that we cut the Exterior zipper panel 6.5 inches wide and then instruct that we cut an inch off and make it 5.5 inches (that is my understanding of what I am suppose to do…help me to understand how I am thinking wrong. On step 3 it says “place the larger piece” does that mean the piece that I have cut down to 5.5 inches?
    Please help
    Thank you
    Rosa Smith

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