Tula Pink Space Dust: Quilt Market Dress #2

So, as my previous post mentioned, I needed something cool to wear to Quilt Market. I’m not sure you can get any more rockstar-ish than cutting up your own quilt (kind of like busting up your favorite guitar at the end of the show). But that’s what I did.

Here’s the story. My original plan, back in time when Fall Quilt Market was just a little twinkle in my eye, was to make a second version of this Space Dust quilt that I spent a freakish 48 hours making back in July. After some garment consulting, I arrived at the plan to, while I was paper-piecing it, trim the seam allowances with my pinking shears. You know, to semi-finish the seam. I figured I’d have it dry-cleaned anyway. Best just wear this once a year, but hang on closet door so I can make eyes at it every day.

But, the plan backfired when I realized I had a few days to make the dress. I was just not up to making another quilt, so I just cut my original one up ::gasp::. That’s okay, I’m cool with it. Yeah, I didn’t know how it would turn out with all those zillion seams, but I went all in. I know some of you will be upset with me that I cut up my quilt.

The dress pattern is of course the Serendipity Studio Monique Dress. Couldn’t afford any mistakes here, so I went with the dress pattern you all have seen here before. 😉

So, I’ll let you be the judge (sorry for the crappy photos).

Tomorrow I’ll have a fun quilty bag that I drafted for myself to use at Quilt Market. 🙂

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