Tula Pink Space Dust: Quilt Market Dress #2

So, as my previous post mentioned, I needed something cool to wear to Quilt Market. I’m not sure you can get any more rockstar-ish than cutting up your own quilt (kind of like busting up your favorite guitar at the end of the show). But that’s what I did.

Here’s the story. My original plan, back in time when Fall Quilt Market was just a little twinkle in my eye, was to make a second version of this Space Dust quilt that I spent a freakish 48 hours making back in July. After some garment consulting, I arrived at the plan to, while I was paper-piecing it, trim the seam allowances with my pinking shears. You know, to semi-finish the seam. I figured I’d have it dry-cleaned anyway. Best just wear this once a year, but hang on closet door so I can make eyes at it every day.

But, the plan backfired when I realized I had a few days to make the dress. I was just not up to making another quilt, so I just cut my original one up ::gasp::. That’s okay, I’m cool with it. Yeah, I didn’t know how it would turn out with all those zillion seams, but I went all in. I know some of you will be upset with me that I cut up my quilt.

The dress pattern is of course the Serendipity Studio Monique Dress. Couldn’t afford any mistakes here, so I went with the dress pattern you all have seen here before. 😉

So, I’ll let you be the judge (sorry for the crappy photos).

Tomorrow I’ll have a fun quilty bag that I drafted for myself to use at Quilt Market. :-)

67 thoughts on “Tula Pink Space Dust: Quilt Market Dress #2

  1. That’s actually really cool.

    People used to cut up old clothes and flour sacks to make quilts. You’ve cut up a quilt top to make clothes. And with this, the quilting world has come full circle. :-)

  2. I LOVE it!! I have always told my husband if I start wearing quilts or “quilted” items it was time for an intervention…well….I can’t say that any more. This proves that wearing a quilt can be totally awesome!! Your dress is a rock star dress for sure! Great job!!!!

  3. I think it was very inspired — to cut up the quilt to make the dress. I saw you in your typewriter dress at Spring Market, but was too shy to walk up and introduce myself. This time, I’ll be seeing you in your records dress or the space dust dress, and I WILL walk up and meet you! You can just pretend you’ve heard of me before . . . OK?

  4. Holy balls, girl! I think this is fantastic! But I really feel that dress deserves some obnoxiously loud yellow or pink heels with it… or dress it down with some Converse all-stars…

  5. I think pretty darn awesome! I’m not sure I could bear to cut up a quilt, but hats off to you for it. It takes guts for sure! And the dress is just adorable.

  6. When this page popped up, I admired the pic of this very quilt in the header, and then scrolled down & thought, “NO!!! SHE DIDN’T!!” I admire your guts so much, and the end result is amazing!

  7. No Sara, this is exactly what inspires me about you. Your unbelievable ability to just forge ahead without worrying about the end. Well I’m sure you worry, do you? it just doesn’t show, cuz you JUST DO IT! I love that. Only because I can’t but you inspire me to try. Thank you. This dress is AMAZING.

  8. Sara, the photos are beautiful and so are you, and your dress is awesome! WOW you are soooo brave! How wonderful! How creative! Who would ever think of it??? You are a rock star! Hugs!

  9. I have to say that while I thought the quilt top was nice, it didn’t grab me like so many of Tula Pink’s/your patterns and finished projects do. But this dress . . . this dress is exquisite! I think you were brilliant to cut up the quilt to make this!!

  10. Can’t think of a word wonderful enough to reply here! Amazing has been used many times, but that doesn’t seem grand enough. Magnificent, fabulous, GORGEOUS, I know… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

  11. Perfect solution :o) Love the touches of black in with the colours. Oh, and now you just might have to buy more fabric to make another quilt top, wouldn’t that be tragic ;o)

  12. This turned out fantastic. You will be the cats meow. How many can say that they cut up their own quilt to make into a dress to wear. Love Love it. Have fun.

  13. I don’t think I could have been so brave to cut up one of my quilts and sew it into a dress. But the way yours turned out would def want me to try!!!! Great job and I just love it.

  14. It looks totally worth it! Wow! YOU CUT UP A QUILT!!! How could you make yourself do that? LOL I love it… Have never made a dress before, but I just might do that… Off to buy the pattern!

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