Quilt Market: Aurifil Thread

The beautiful Aurifil Thread booth was kind of like a candy shop…but instead of lollipops or salt water taffy, there were rows and rows and rows of gorgeous gorgeous threads!

I got some photos with Alex Veronelli from Aurifil, who always likes to entertain us every morning with his words of wisdom. 😉 Ladies, I think you know what I’m talking about.

See, I’m laughing already.

I asked Alex Veronelli some questions about Aurifil threads, and here were his responses.
Me: Aurifil produces several different weights of cotton thread. How do the weights differ and what kinds of sewing projects are best for each weight of thread?
Alex: The weights are suggestions, they can be used for any needle work depending on the artist preference.
50 piecing
40 quilting
28 embroidery
12 decorative
For a more extensive explanation of the thread weights, please visit our site http://www.aurifil.com/Aurifil/Threads.html.
Me: I love the idea of the designer thread kits, because I feel that it is a great way to start out your Aurifil thread collection if you are new to this brand of thread. Which is the most popular thread kit that you produce?
Alex: All of our designers and threads are wonderful, it is difficult to choose just one! The kit that has the most versatility would be The Basics Collection by Mark Lipinski. Mark is one of the best and coolest designers and has worked with Aurifil to assemble a collection of colors that everyone can use year round. It is the workhorse of thread collections that includes the basic neutral colors for the expert or the novice. I highly recommend this collection for anyone.
Me: Before I started using Aurifil thread, I used threads that are sold at the ‘big box’ stores. Why is your thread better than other threads, especially those sold at specialty quilt shops?
Alex: Our philosophy is always to search for the best cotton harvest around the world, taking into consideration staple’s length, fiber’s thickness and maturity. It is also important to consider the climate and soil together with humidity and head, as for wine. The limited production of extra long staple cotton, particularly the one suitable for cottom Mako, increases its exclusivity. The annual production of cotton is of 100 million bales. The long staple cotton produced each year makes 3 million bales, of which only 1 million and 200 thousand are exported!
Me: Where can someone (in the U.S.) find Aurifil thread online, if their local shop does not carry it?
Alex: We LOVE our Aurifil shops and you can find a listing of our official brick and mortar and online shops on http://www.aurifil.com/Aurifil/Stores.html.  If your local quilting does not carry Aurifil, please request that they start! 

Me: What is your favorite thing about being involved with Aurifil?

Alex: It enables me to enjoy my life between the creative world of quilts and quilters!

Aurifil has some other great thread packs from great designers, including V. and Co. and Bari J. New thread pack designers are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

The wall of their booth was a wonderful Aurifil Thread color card. Yes, I love my Aurifil! I’m not being a weirdo, but when you hold it up to other brands of thread, you can clearly see that the others are linty, not as strong, not as thin, etc. I don’t think I could break an Aurifil thread if I tried!

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