Tutorial: Sew News Convertible Clutch

Well, surprise surprise! I received the news via a friend yesterday that they saw my project in the October/November 2012 issue of ‘Sew News’ magazine. I knew the magazine was due out soon, but I hadn’t heard anything since I turned in my stuff back in February, so as it got closer, I admittedly got a bit anxious…did they like the project? Had they decided to leave it out? You know, just those things you second-guess about.


Color me purple, because one of two clutches that I sewed and turned in made the cover!! I feel like I’m in an alternate universe, lol!! How come none of my projects that I photograph ever end up looking that good? lol, I need a professional photographer and someone to give my stuff a bit of an airbrush, lol.

Here are the clutches as I photographed them back in February. The one on the right is a red solid with a wonderful newsprint fabric, and the clutch on the right is a gray solid with a horizontal patchwork that I did using Anna Maria Horner’s ‘Good Folks’ line.

You might have noticed that this clutch looks similar to my Caliti Convertible Clutch free sewing pattern. Yes and no. The handle on the Caliti is a perfect circle, whereas the Sew News clutch has more of an oval. Also, the Sew News clutch is overall more of a longer, envelope shape. The most important feature is that the Sew News instructions are completely different. No hand sewing is required (for the Caliti, it is necessary to hand-sew the inner circles on both sets of handles), and the inside of the Sew News clutch is assembled using a French seam (if you’d rather not do a French seam because of the bulk, you can always finish the raw seams with a bit of bias tape on the inside).

Thanks to the fabulous folks at ‘Sew News’ magazine, you can download the full instructions and pattern pieces right here on their site! They used the majority of my color step-by-step photos in the article, which is really great and hopefully will keep things easy to follow. Alternately, here is the direct link to the pdf instructions. Enjoy! 🙂

Katy’s clutch…she added this cool butterfly detailing over the buckle!

P.S. I’d like to throw a huge shout-out to the girls that tested my pattern before I submitted it to the magazine: Kim Munoz, Melissa Shafer, and Katy Cameron! Thanks so much for bearing with me and helping me edit my instructions!!

Melissa’s awesome zebra/Momo clutch!
Kim’s fruity summer-inspired clutch

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