Please Help Me Meet My Goal!!!

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with my free bag sewing patterns. I think it is so helpful, especially for beginners, to have great instructions as well as step-by-step photos, which I try my hardest to do. I would like to move my pattern-making skills in 2013 to the next level and produce clothing that is both easy to sew and fun to wear!

I am trying to raise (edited: $2898) on Kickstarter to begin a pattern-making business, which will begin with clothing sewing patterns. Of course, I will continue venturing into the world of bag-making with more great designs! I want to do this more than anything, and I desperately need your support to make it happen!! Please follow the link to my Kickstarter page to read more information on my goal, and see my little 20-second video. :-)

My Kickstarter goal minimum is to raise the money to buy a package of quality garment pattern drafting software. I would like to produce my instructions as a pdf, which will include full-color photos and step-by-step instructions, which will be very detailed just like my bag patterns are. I really need your help; I wish I could do this on my own, but I just can’t!

Please help me reach my goal and life dream!! I know times are tight for everyone. I have thought long and hard about this. Even $1 or $5 will help so much, but even if you can’t contribute right now, perhaps you can help get the word out with a link on Facebook or Twitter?


11 thoughts on “Please Help Me Meet My Goal!!!

  1. How can I not try and help another Mom? I would rather give you $12 and give up a few MochaCoconut Frappacinos. Good Luck! Your 2 minute video was only 18 seconds when I tried to view it. No matter as I am a follower of your blog and I am familiar with your patterns and contributions.

  2. You share so many amazing things with us (freely!) on your blog. How could we not help you see your dream come to fruition? Best of luck with your campaign. I cannot wait to get my patterns!

  3. You’re work definitely merits help, so count me in :)

    Two questions: Will you be doing adult or kids patterns? If you’re doing adult patterns, any chance the sizes will go up to XXL?

    Good luck!!!

  4. You’ve made such great contributions to blogland! I’m a long time sewist but I still learn from you – You are one of my favorite blogs because it’s not just pictures of what you did last week! I’ve visited your kickstarter page & hopefully have done something to help. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Sara ~ what a wonderful idea! I hope you will reach your goal! I just made my contribution as a thank you for the great Purse Palooza you organized and all the fun we get from visiting you blog and getting inspired!
    Good luck!!!

  6. Just gave you a kick in your .. start!
    You are very inspiring to folllow and I actually bought my first tunic pattern because of you! Not that I have started or anything ;o).
    Please consider options for big busted women too, or direction on how to add to the patterns. It is so veryhard to find anywhere.. Just a personal dream! You do your thing!!

  7. I just tweeted and shared this on FB. I can’t give much but like you said even alittle will add up. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all your followers gave even $5. Now that adds up! hehe. (Payday is around the corner ;D)

    Best of Luck to reaching your Goal and your Dreams!

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