Quilt Market – Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane has some lovely fabrics coming out with Michael Miller called ‘Out to Sea’. When I saw her booth, I think my heart stopped for a moment! And she is so pretty!!

‘Out to Sea’ are nautical-themed fabrics for boys and girls. Pirates, mermaids, and narwhales. Super cool! I love the mermaids, and the pinks are just stunning. Not too pale, nice and bright.

I also love the deep pink floral as a coordinating fabric for the mermaids or the whales. Cool!!

Sarah Jane also has some embroidery patterns to match the fabrics…again the mermaid is my favorite. The new patterns should be out soon, but check out her current patterns in the meantime! I will definitely be buying the mermaid one.

I got some great photos of the booth, which had cute bedding set-ups for a boy or girl. I love that the pillows were embroidered, they are very special!

Another line of fabrics that I must have…will it ever end?!?

8 thoughts on “Quilt Market – Sarah Jane

  1. Of all the many quilting blogs I follow, you have be doing the very best job showing off the market booths.
    One of the designs I love here is the girl with the spyglass looking out to sea at the ship.
    Thx so much for all the time you took with these special booths.

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