My First Embroidery

I finished my first embroidery project the other day! I have been afraid of embroidery for a couple of years now. But lately I’ve been getting into hand sewing (sewing leather handles on bags, sewing hexagons), so I thought, hey, maybe I’m finally ready.

I scoured the internet and Etsy for embroidery patterns to find the one that I would try first. I decided not to pay attention to how difficult they looked, and instead find one that I loved instead. I settled on ‘August Blooms’ from Polka and Bloom. Honestly, all the patterns in this shop are winners, and I look forward to trying all of them!

From the Polka and Bloom website

I had a great time working on this project. The pattern did not explain the stitches used, so I referenced a beginner embroidery book by Jenny Hart. A majority of the pattern was done in backstitching. I also chose a background fabric that was different than white; I think this crosshatch fabric is really nice because it doesn’t seem to overpower the embroidery.

Any advice for other embroidery patterns I should try? I like some of the letters by Sublime Stitching, and also the patterns by Follow the White Bunny.

I also have a free pattern in the works, in cooperation with Rachael from Imagine Gnats, featuring part bag/part embroidery! It’ll be out in the next couple of weeks!

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