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The very first issue of a great quilting magazine has just come out! As you can tell by the quilt on the cover, Modern Quilting Magazine is all about modern fabrics and projects. If you’re interested in signing up for a subscription to this UK magazine, you can go here and enter code S5IE4PYF for 10% off (for U.S. readers, there is an extra shipping charge for the subscription).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my little paws on this yet as it just arrived from the printer on Friday (this week? Maybe? I am keeping my fingers crossed!). However, I have it on good authority from Lynne of Lily’s Quilts that there are several Amy Butler projects in the magazine.

I can tell you one project that I do know is in the magazine, and that is for my Conversation Bag sewing pattern! There is the spread of it in the magazine, and here is a self-shot photo of the bag before I shipped it off overseas:

Thank you so much to Kim and to Katy for testing my pattern! Katy has “engineer-edited” a few of my patterns…Katy I appreciate your brutal honesty, for telling me “eek! that doesn’t make sense”, and for putting up with an American Idiot (me! How many yards in a meter?). Katy is also hosting a block in the New York Beauty Quilt Along.

This was my first magazine-published project, and I was super excited to be asked! In case you’re curious, most magazines have a submission page on their website, which usually includes their contact information, how to submit project ideas, and sometimes even particular projects they are looking for. If you have an interest in submitting a project idea for a magazine, I say go for it! Sometimes you can send a sketch, but if you are at all able to, I would definitely recommend sending a photo of a completed project if you can. Here is the submission page for several magazines from Interweave (and obviously you can e-mail Modern Quilting Magazine or any others).

Above is the project from Lynne of Lily’s Quilts. What an amazing pillow, and that tree is the graphic from her blog, which I have envied for quite some time! I will definitely be making this…or maybe I can make a little forest of a wall hanging. 😉

23 thoughts on “Modern Quilting Magazine

  1. I am doing the HAPPY DANCE for you Sara!!!!!! Awesome bag and great job!!!!!!!Congratulations :o) Lynne’s pillow is very pretty too!! Great job ladies!!!!!

  2. Is there any place to get this pattern other than the magazine? Love that bag but I don’t want to pay the 11pounds shipping on top of the 18-25pound subscription fee even tho it looks like an awesome magazine.

    Congrats – so cool to be published!! :)

  3. Do you know the back story of Modern Quilting? It’s published by All Craft Media, formerly KAL Media, owned by Kerrie Allman and her husband Wayne. She has a very long, well-documented history of not paying her contributors. She started in knitting, and knit designers who sent their patterns and samples to her were never compensated. Now she’s moved on the sewing, quilting, and home decor. Please read these articles ( and (

  4. I wish I had read these comments about the magazine before I connected over to buy and download it to my ipad. I paid the money, was sent a download link that wouldn’t work and now can’t get an answer to the emails that I have sent regarding the problem. So money paid and no magazine. And the link disappeared after I attempted the download three times.

  5. Sara- I would be very interested to hear if you get your bag back from Modern Quilting/get paid. I have withdrawn a design from them after reading the back story on the company on various blogs by designers who have lost work/not been paid etc: they have a growing poor reputation in the UK and now seem to be giving their magazine a very USA slant, possibly in the hope that their reputation hasn’t reached there yet.The magazine looks good, has great stuff in it, which is why I was thrilled when they wanted one of my designs, but after reading other people’s experiences, I pulled out.They claim it is all different now the magazine is re-launched, I think there are many designers who would like to know how your experience with them goes and if the leopard has changed its spots, or not.

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