2012 Sewing Goals


I am taking a bit of a sewing breather this week, after finishing Urban Jungle Bag sewing pattern, and it got me to thinking about where I started out as a blogger, and where I’m at now. The 2 photos you’re looking at above are bags that I made in the summer of 2008, way before I started blogging (the Amy Butler Birdie Sling, and the Grand Revival Market Bag).

I reformatted my Pattern Reviews page over the last couple of days, and in doing so, I had to revisit all the project postings that I had made. In retrospect, some of my work was really horrible! I look at things that were fused wrong, or things I made mistakes on. It just proves that there is a learning curve, and you never stop finding out new or better ways to do something.

So, to make a long story short, that was then and this is now. Here are some of my blog and sewing goals for 2012:

* You may see less completed projects on my blog this year than you are used to seeing. I have my heart set on putting out more (free) bag and purse sewing patterns out into the world. These patterns take 7-10 days each to write the instructions for, shoot the step-by-step photos, and sew them up. During that time, I can’t even think about anything else! Maybe you are not interested in bag patterns…or maybe you are? I would like to put out 1 or 2 new bag patterns a month.

* I would still like to get a few quilts made this year (even if they are mini quilts!). There is a particular sampler quilt that is available from local quilt shops carrying Amanda Murphy’s Veranda fabrics. The quilt pattern is called Under the Veranda. I originally purchased the pattern and the Veranda fabric as a kit, but I believe I am going to do mine up in Echino fabrics, combined with coordinating (bright!) solids instead.

* I’d like to make some more pretty things for our home!

* This year, I joined Sew Weekly as a contributor. This awesome website sets garment sewing challenges every week. Although this year is probably going to be a busy one for me, I’d like to finish at least 1 piece of clothing a month…how great would it be to slowly make handmade clothing a majority in my closet!

The Sew Weekly
In spite of all these, I would still like to put as much of an effort into my blog as I am able. I will try my best to keep the posts going, in between writing new bag sewing patterns and working on other sewing projects in between.
What are YOUR sewing goals for 2012? 🙂

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12 replies on “2012 Sewing Goals

  • KLMunoz

    My goal would to be more like you!!!! I love that mini quilt and to see it in Echino would be awesome! I still don’t know what to do with my blocks yet. Your bags are awesome so keep that up! I have a loooong list of people that want bags made….especially yours!!! My biggest goal is to get caught up so that I can make stuff for myself!! I really need to set goals for each bag so that I can get them all done….did I mention I work full-time and am a mom amd wife!!! I think thats all…..I also want a better camera and a serger!!!!

  • Sequana

    A new goal has emerged for me. Taking a serious look at most of the workshops in STITCHED has convinced me that most of them take TIME. If I can get one a month finished this year, it would be a real accomplishment…..and that still leaves me 8 for next year!

    When you begin a year with reasonable goals like you have done, you’re bound to finish at least some of them. 🙂 Good luck.

  • Krista

    Those are some lofty goals, girl! You are going to be busy! Can’t wait to see all the bag patterns. My own goals are to try a mini quilt, hone my skills, pretty-up my sewing area so that I’ll actually want to spend more time there, and that’s about it.

  • sandra

    One of my goal this year is to make more bags, I made a couple of totes and small bags last year but I want something with more pockets and bigger. I also would like to make my husband a quilt this year, he is the only one who has not had one made just for him. I guess you are going to be busy but take time for fun to .

  • rachael

    can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for you! i think that i posted a list of things i want to do this year, but i’m busy ignoring it at the moment so let’s just focus on you 😉

  • ErikaB3

    education, education, education. I am just starting to sew again after 15 years and I have a lot to relearn so this year I am jumping in taking classes and as always researching. I am also going to finally start my own blog instead of just co-writting like I have these last few years. and with my new found passion of sewing I plan to incorporate the beginner aspect of that into it as well. Happy New Year!

  • Katy Cameron

    Sounds like great goals for the year :o) I have a list of things I want to do, but I need to get it up on my blog along with what I *need* to do, ie commitments such as bee blocks and tutorials etc. I figure if I list it on my blog I can hold myself accountable (more so than the whiteboard it’s currently on ;o) )

  • Mandinga

    Good ideas! My main goal is to finish projects I’ve started. Then, another is to finish decorating my sewing room/guest bedroom. It’s the most “unfinished” room in the house!
    Are you going to work on the Collette patterns? I like to see your work on them!

  • sentili

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