The Colette Diaries – Ginger {Week 3}

This beautiful Ginger skirt is from

This post is part of my Colette Diaries series. Feel free to check out my original Colette Diaries post for schedule and previous posts!

This week, I have a little ‘Ginger’ inspiration for you, and as promised, I’m going to show you how I made the contrast piping at the top of my skirt.

Piping basted to the bottom of the waistband piece.

Colette Patterns has a great tutorial on their blog for adding contrast flat piping to the top and bottom of the waistband. I decided to just go with the piping on the bottom (the part of the waistband that is sewn to the skirt). To do this, I cut a 1″ strip the length of my waistband, pressed it in half length-wise, and basted it to the bottom of my waistband. Then I continued with the instructions for attaching the waistband to the skirt.

View of the piping, in between the top waistband and the skirt

I chose a light blue solid for the piping because I liked the contrast with the dark skirt, and there are also hints of almost the same color, in the details of the fabric. In the piping tutorial instructions, there are directions for sewing piping at the top and bottom of the waistband, but I elected to only sew the piping at the bottom (where the waistband meets the skirt).

Full view of the piping sewn inbetween the waistband and the skirt

If you’re making the Ginger skirt, I’d definitely recommend the piping…it only takes a few extra minutes, but makes the skirt look extremely sleek. Love it.

My skirt’s already finished, but I still have a couple weeks to go for my diary entries. Next week, I’ll show you how I installed the invisible zipper in the back!

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