Thrift Store Fabrics for Sewing

Two twin-sized bed sheets ($6)

I was reading some of the blogs that I follow after the kids got up from their nap, and Emmmy Lizzzy’s post about vintage pillowcases stuck in my head (go there! She’s also having a giveaway!). So tonight when my husband suggested we go out for dinner, instead of a sit-down restaurant, I asked if we could just get fast food and stop at the thrift store (we actually went to 2…there’s one on just about every street in Chicago, it seems).

King-size teal blue flat sheet ($2), 4 yards purple cotton solid ($2), vintage floral tablecloth ($3)

I got some amazing and useful stuff! I spent $20 in all. The fabric in the first photo is already earmarked for a Colette Patterns Parfait dress (the 2nd photo, a pale blue dress); I’m making the Colette Eclair dress right now, and I’m almost finished! When I cut into this rainbow-striped fabric, I am going to fussy-cut it so that I can make the dress look chevron-striped!

In the last photo, the purple fabric is also earmarked for another Colette dress, the Ceylon, which is the last dress pictured (the vintage-inspired one with the short sleeves). I can picture the dress looking super-cute in this bright purple! And wouldn’t that be amazing…making such a tailored dress with a $5 piece of fabric!

2-yard green knit ($1), vintage XL pillowcase (.30), large purple decor-weight curtain ($5)

I was really surprised to see that two of the things that I bought were actually fabric that had once been on a bolt (you can see the raw edges on each end from where it was cut). One was a 2-yard piece and another a 4-yard piece…4 yards, the perfect backing for a quilt! I also thought that the king-sized blue bed sheet would make great backing for a quilt as well. The floral tablecloth in the second picture, I thought would make an excellent fabric for a bag.

I’m really excited with what I found…everything very useful for sewing. I’m sure I can find tons more things in the future, but I think I’m going to set my mind to at least sew up the 2 dresses that I intended two of these fabrics to go toward, before I do anymore thrift shopping (because I can see myself getting carried away). 🙂

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